Howard Durdle

Entrepreneurial CTO with over 15 years experience designing & building secure systems.


Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 and 2010 do not support email suffixes such as Now you can use a Transport Agent to enable suffix matching by use of regular expressions and redirect mail to Exchange Mailboxes or to external SMTP email addresses. Read more here and download the Transport Agent source at Github.

FISCAL Technologies

In 2008 I was engaged as an infosec consultant by FISCAL Technologies. After seeing the quality of their offering and team I took the opportunity to become more involved with FISCAL, becoming a shareholder and joining the board as CTO in 2011. Learn about our world-class accounts payable software and services at the FISCAL Technologies website.


I’m a technologist at heart and away from the board room I still like to get to grips with code. When I have time my blog will record those findings related to the eclectic mix of technologies I work with. Security, virtualisation and networking, iOS Development, SQL Server optimisation, and C# development for the web and for Exchange, it is all recorded here.