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DSL Routers

D’oh. Turns out that the D-Link DSL-G640T isn’t as good as I hoped it might be. It has a local DNS server, it has a DHCP server – great! BUT, and this surprised me, there’s no way to fix a DHCP lease by MAC address. On my old DI-713P I could put the MAC address of my laptop in to ensure I got the same address each time. I need this because I flit between lots of different DHCP enabled networks, with differing configurations, but need the same IP active because of particular rules in firewalls.

The DSL-G640T has an option to create static addresses – but that’s all it does -it leaves the IP reserved on the router, but won’t actually allow you to assign it by MAC. So, no matter how many times I connect to the router, it will never issue me with the address I actually want. What’s the use in that?!

Does anyone know if the Linksys WAG54G supports DHCP leasing by MAC address? I guess I’ll find out soon enough anyway, the DSL-G640T is going back to PC World tomorrow!

  1. Well I liked it! But I guess I have somewhat lesser requirements, so the static addresses don’t cause me too much of a problem.

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