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More LinkSys Fiddling

The LinkSys doesn’t behave like a real DHCP server either. So, here’s what I did…

I’ve disabled the DHCP server on the LinkSys and told it to redirect queries to the house server. The house server is now running DHCP and DNS servers for the house network. With a real DHCP server running, I can reserve the addresses for my laptops properly!

Slight niggle with the LinkSys though is that single port forwarding is VERY flaky, on all versions of the firmware – according to various posts on the forums (fora?). So instead of forwarding a single port to a particular internal IP, I have to forward a port range one port long instead. This appears to work.

So now I can remote control my house server from the office, and run various web sites on my DSL IP. Now, bring on the online gaming! (Rise of Nations, UT2004, and whatever the XBox and PS2 require.)

I’ve still got some spare networking kit kicking around – a Nexland ISB Turbo, a DI-713P, and a WRT54G. If I can be bothered, I’ll reconfigure the WRT54G to act as a wireless extender, and put it upstairs so my SliMP3 and PS2 have better bandwidth (54Mb instead of 11Mb). The rest of it I’ll sell on eBay!