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Special Effects

I promised Teech that I’d help him with a school project to show some of the kids at his school how to create simple special effects. Of course that means I’ve had to remind myself how to achieve a lot of these things again! To that end, I’ve dug out the footage I took a year or so back of me and my then housemate Martin with our lightsabers. No, that’s not a euphemism, don’t be so dirty.

I also wanted to try out Goauld-style glowing eyes (like the bad guys in Stargate SG1):

Also check out these clips for me with different Lightsabers, and Martin – who actually knows how to swing a sword!

More special effects as we film them!

  1. Bah. Don’t know why, but WordPress isn’t doing Trackbacks properly at the moment. Richard has posted a comment on this article here.

  2. Nice effect, but I guess you have noticed yourself that your *light* saber is giving off *shadows* (top left photo, red one)

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