in SFX

Step by Step

Here’s a very quick look at the compositing process for the video I’m editing at the moment…

Starting with a frame of Chris after he’s been shot:

This shows the original frame as we recorded it. Nothing has been processed yet.

First, I apply a diffuse glow effect to show that the ray gun I shot him with is taking effect:

Then I needed to create the lightsaber blade. I’ve just done one here to show you:
On a new layer, draw a white line over the top of the blade. In this case the blade is fanning slightly, so I use the polygon tool to draw an area of white:
Then turn down the colour on the background layer to get white on black.

Then, applying the nifty glow effect (this includes multiple layers and blurs) it ends up looking like this:

Then, composite the treated blade into the second image (the one where Chris is starting to dissolve):

This gets done for every frame in the video! In the 10 second clip I’m working on, there are 250 frames. I’m using about 1.36Gb of storage for it already! Obviously, when I get round to finishing this sequence I’ll render Chris’ saber and a pulse from the gun to show it shooting too.