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Fun and games with virtualisation.

VMware WorkstationMS Virtual Server 2005I’ve spent the last few days building virtual environments to test various combinations of clusters and resiliency software.  Most of this was done in VMware because it’s what I’ve always used for virtualisation.  But, since I work for Microsoft, it seemed prudent to ensure we could replicate the environment using our own product. 

So today I installed Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 R2 Standard Edition.  Well, that is I tried to install it, but towards the end of the install I got an Error 1402: “Could not open key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Classes\Msxml2.DOMDocument.4.0\CLSID.  Verify that you have sufficient access to that key, or contact your support personnel.”  Taking a look at the key in question in the registry nothing looked out of place – the values weren’t corrupt, and the permissions were fine.

Since it was bitching about MSXML2.DOMDocument.4.0 (a part of MSXML 4.0) I downloaded the latest version of it from Microsoft to see if I could fix the problem by rolling it over the top.  It failed to install with exactly the same error as Virtual Server.  Joy!   What next?  The nuclear option!  Delete all the bits of the registry that start MSXML2.   Did that.  Reinstall MSXML 4.0 from the download (success!) and then try installing Virtual Server again.  Success!


Of course after figuring all this out, I find that someone has been through it all before anyway.  D’uh.