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IE7 Beta 2 brickbats and bouquets…

Internet Explorer 7The public beta of Internet Explorer 7 has been out for a while now, and like the good Microsoft soldier I am, I installed it this week.  It’s very nice.  If you’ve only ever used IE it’ll be full of neat new toys that you’ve never seen before.  If you’ve been using Firefox or Safari, or most any other browser there will be little that’ll surprise you.  Tabbed browsing is there of course, and the thumbnail previews of all your tabs is a nice feature.  It incorporates RSS feeds (keeping them along with your favourites) which is a feature I’ve been waiting for on Windows for ages.

All good things then?  Well, no, unfortunately.  The first casualty of IE7 was my online banking.  Natwest Online failed to let me log in with IE7 – not that it recognised I was on an unsupported browser, just that IE7 refused to work with the form controls.  Worse than that thought was the realisation that IE7 would not let me log into the Outlook Web Access account I use to check my email address!  Yesterday I actually ended up using Firefox to check my microsoft email.  The irony was not lost on me.

So, I uninstalled IE7, only to find that the problems I’d found had been left behind: HTML form elements were no longer processed in any web page, and after further investigation it seemed that the jscript and vbscript engines had been unregistered.  So from Start->Run I did the following:

regsvr32 jscript
regsvr32 vbscript
regsvr32 /i mshtml

Which seems to have fixed everything. 

It’s a shame, because IE7 looks like it’s going to be great, but right now, on my system, it appears to be quite broken. 

As usual with a beta, caveat emptor: you get what you pay for!

  1. Well, I’ve installed IE7 and all looks good. Must admit, I’ve never used Firefox, so the ‘new’ features of IE7 are new to me! :) Haven’t experienced any issues with sercure sites…

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