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Monster in Manhattan

The image you see here was taken via a webcam situated on the corner of Bleeker Street and MacDougal Street in Greenwich Village in Manhattan.  The guy standing by the lamp-post I’ve zoomed in on is Phil, who is on holiday in New York with Catherine.

So, why do I have this picture?  Because we’re geeks, that’s why.  Phil texted me to let me know they were going to be near the webcam so I could get to a PC to capture the images.  I sat at my desk and texted him instructions 3000 miles away so he could look up at a (public) webcam, and wave to me.

  1. Beth is not massively impressed, it has to be said… And I note Catherine is nowhere to be seen either…

  2. Richard – Catherine is in the shade of the cafe – New York has been very hot 80’s and humid 60%+. With Jnr on board Catherine found it could get a little too hot.

    A- For geekhood though if u ask me. Would have been top marks if we coordinated using IM to my mobile.

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