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Testing the K800


I’ve been hankering after the K800i since it was announced some time ago. 3.2MP camera, 3G data, mp3 player, lots of memory and all sorts of other bells and whistles meant it looked like a good replacement for my Samsung D600 and my aging digital camera.

As it happens, I ended up buying a new Canon IXUS 7MP camera before I went to Ascot recently, but since I’d already pre-ordered the K800 there seemed little reason not to entertain a new toy! Vodafone delivered it a couple of weeks ago, and as Richard has commented, we’ve been comparing notes since he has the K750 – this phone’s predecessor.

The photo on this post links to a set on Flickr that I took while wandering around the Longacre’s garden centre this past weekend. Without changing any of the default settings, or moving to macro mode or anything else I just snapped away allowing the camera to auto-focus as necessary. I’m quite pleased with the results, and Phil and Richard both seemed reasonably impressed too!

Technically the rest of the phone is excellent. The menus are responsive, the 3G makes checking email (and RSS feeds) a breeze, and I can even watch TV as long as I’m in a strong 3G signal area. Applications like Google Maps run beautifully – looking great on the K800’s screen, and again loading quickly thanks to the 3G connection. My next challenge is to work out a way to stream my MP3 collection from home to the media player on the mobile. It ought to be possible, I think!

  1. When are you planning on posting something new? Surely a man with your hobbies and pursuits has some fascinating tidbit to share with the web-surfing world.

    Don’t leave us hanging BoFH…..

  2. I love my K800i too! The camera is fantastic and the phone itself is good as well. My only criticism is the cover on the camera lens – if it wasn’t designed like it is, it would take half a centimetre off of the depth of the phone.

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