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Apple support Vista on BootCamp

Apple updated BootCamp today and introduced support for Windows Vista, so it looks like I can spend some time over the weekend doing a fresh install of Vista with supported drivers this time.  Of course it also means I get to have some fun removing the Microsoft Bluetooth stack and replacing it with a fully functional Widcom one, but them’s the breaks.  The new BootCamp introduces lots of updated drivers (including the camera on Vista) and hopefully does something about the power saving and suspend/hibernate issues.  Although they may be more to do with Vista itself rather than the MacBook Pro hardware.  We shall see…

  1. Have to admit that I’ve not used Parallels since a very, very early beta with which I wasn’t impressed. Maybe it’s time I gave it another chance? One of the presenters at InfoSec World last week was presenting from a MacBook Pro running Parallels, and switching between OS X, Windows XP and Linux seamlessly for demos, which did look pretty handy.

  2. If I recall, it is limited in terms of things like Aero support, but balanced against that is the fact that it can integrate the Windows apps pretty tightly into MacOS X including running so as the windows apps appear to be running in the MacOS X desktop.

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