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Nooo! Infrant ReadyNAS NV Death

Noooo! One of my ReadyNAS devices died today. Based on the “hot component” smell and the fact that nothing lights up I’m hoping that it’s just the PSU/mainboard that fried, and that all my disks with their lovely XRAIDed data are intact.

I’ve sent a trouble ticket to support, but since they’re now owned by Netgear it’s anyone’s guess as to what’ll happen. Ideally I’ll get an empty chassis to put my (hopefully intact) drives in, and I can send my dead chassis back. Fingers crossed.

Update (6th July): I meant to blog this last week but: Kudos to Infrant/Netgear tech support.  I was contacted within a day by a tech support guy who took my diagnosis of dead PSU as correct and on receiving a PDF of my original invoice immediately authorised the shipment of a new PSU from the states.  This arrived a few days later.  Interestingly it’s a very different design to the original PSU, and includes a plastic riser to keep the cables out of the way of the air-flow.  It took a few minutes to install and my drives are all up and running again.   Great service!