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MacBook Pro Graphic Corruption

MacBook Pro Graphic CorruptionThis interesting rainbow effect is what greeted me when I booted my newly Leopardised MacBook Pro this morning. At first I thought it must be a driver issue, but with further investigation the video proved to be in “rainbow mode” when booting from the HDD, Windows and the Tiger DVD. It was even glitching on the Apple logo and swirling loading circle.

Thankfully a call to AppleCare soon had it sorted, by resetting the PROM in the device. Here’s how:

  • Shut the machine down.
  • Turn it on, and immediately hold down Alt + Apple + P + R.
  • Wait for the boot chime, the MBP will reset.
  • Wait for the second chime, then let go and let it boot.

At which point it all looked normal again. A very weird occurance though; I wondered if it were related to the heat the GPU gets to, Mr AppleCare said to keep an eye on it as if it happens again it would need to be looked at by Apple.

I was on hold for 15 minutes to get to talk to someone, he resolved the issue in a fraction of that time.

  1. Thanks for this tip. I just experienced the same problem on my MBP. For me, this happened after I rebooted when I hard-crashed in a fullscreen application (I’m a game developer).

  2. Had exactly the same problem. Resetting the PRAM worked for me too.

  3. This has happened to me a few times, but it seems to happen most often when I boot into Bootcamp. When it happens in win XP, just closing the lid and letting it go to sleep fixes it temporarily (until the next boot). Resetting the PRAM does seem to be the only fix. I wonder if this is isolated to the ATI graphics cards, my newer Core2Duo MBP with an Nvidia card doesn’t seem to do this, but it has it’s own issues!

  4. Thanks for the tip with the MBP. I took it to a Mac genius and they stood around it like a bunch of monkeys. They told me it would be about $1000.00 to fix the problem. Or just a simple search on google. I guess they are not so genius. Thanks again for the help.

  5. This happened to me after the laptop had been outside in below freezing temperatures for 5 hours….causation or coincidence? The PRAM trick worked for me too.

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