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Disable Windows Desktop Search Explorer Integration

Another post from the “helping future Howard” category.  I use Outlook 2007, which is great, but in order to be able to search your email with decent performance you must install Windows Desktop Search.  Unfortunately when you do this it integrates with Explorer without asking permission to do so.  This means that should you hit F3 to search inside an Explorer folder you’ll be presented with the monstrosity on the left; an entirely useless dialogue box unless you happen to be indexing the contents of your entire machine and network.  I’m not: I only index my Outlook content.

So, to disable this you must open regedit and find:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows Desktop Search\DS

and set the ShowStartSearchBand value to 0.  That’ll give you back the default behaviour.

I find it quite irritating that the interface chooses to admonish me that I’m not indexing the content instead of just presenting me with the search functionality that is able to search the content for me.

  1. it works! thank you for that.
    yes, Microsoft’s attitude regarding what it thinks is best for you will always be flawed.

    I’ve been suffering from this WDS behavior a lot until I decided to look around to see how to disable it.

  3. It’s thinks like this that make me absolutely HATE microsoft as a company. If there were any viable competitor out there, people would beat their door down in a mad rush away from microsoft.

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