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Disable Notification Area Balloon Tips in Windows XP

I’m rebuilding my new Sony Vaio Z with Windows XP, and as usual there are a load of tweaks I need to make to the OS before I feel “at home” again.  Since the fingerprint reader software on the new build has an annoying habit of popping up info balloons on every boot – regardless of how often I click them – I felt the need to Disable Notification Area Balloon Tips in Windows XP.

Much better.

And sorry Vista, I tried, I really did.  I liked how your hot-swap driver support meant I could switch between stamina and speed modes without a reboot, but I hated your poor network performance against my NAS (even with SP1).  Maybe I’ll try again on the next new laptop.  Oh, and Sony?  Thank you for my XP downgrade CD and drivers.  Lovely.