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Remote Desktop Connection won't connect.

I rebuilt my main desktop a few days ago and ever since I’ve not been able to connect to it with Remote Desktop.  I click connect from the other machine and the buttons grey out for a moment before they reset.  No error message is displayed.  Checking the event log shows a number of Application Popup errors relating to RDPDD.DLL.

It turns out that this is caused by the latest NVidia drivers – which of course I downloaded and installed on rebuilding the machine, the only fix at the moment is to add this to the registry:

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management]

Hopefully NVidia will fix this in a future driver.

  1. We had similar driver problems with remote desktop at my previous company. We had a batch of new desktop PC’s in which had ATi graphics cards in them. They’d work fine most of the time except when you used remote desktop to access the box at which point they’d randomly crash the whole machine with a blue screen, the error being in the ATi driver. The response from ATi? They acknowledged there was a problem but in the year I had the machine it was never fixed.

  2. you my friend are a hero, i have been looking for this fix for so long, i hope they make this fix native in the future…but as for you, you deserve a medal ,…techgeek2009

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