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Notifications Redux

After getting notifications working in PowerShell I need to use a different technology for another (work in progress) project. This time, sending the notification from node.js.

On a spare Raspberry Pi, I installed node, and then in a new directory ran npm install request to add the module I needed. This code is a simple test that POSTs the given json to the Plex client, just as before.

The end game is for this to be exposed to the outside world via HAProxy so it can be triggered by external services. That’ll involve adding the ability for the node app to receive POSTed JSON to parse before sending on to the Plex client.

Once complete, I’ll be able to build rules in IFTTT that trigger local events in my network.

IFTTT (If This Then That) is a great system that allows loads of disaparate systems to be quickly connected together. Everything is represented from email and Slack, through to doorbells, switches and thermostats. The only thing they had been missing was the ability to send and be triggered by traditional web requests (both GET and POST). The addition of their Maker channel closes that gap, opening up deeper integration between systems that might otherwise be impossible, or at least very difficult to create.