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Connect IFTTT to Internal Node Server

I spent a bit of time last night putting together the final pieces of code that’ll connect alerts on IFTTT to devices and systems on my internal network, via a simple node.js server. It sits on the edge of my network listening for some JSON to be POSTed at it, and then relays the JSON to a machine inside the network. Initially just one machine – the Plex HTPC in the living room, but eventually I’ll add more logic.

The code is very simple. It includes the ability to respond to a GET request too, but only so my HAProxy knows it is alive:

And using this I can start to build IFTTT recipes:

The only thing I’m not clear on yet is what kind of delay, if any, IFTTT introduces between Ring and the web request. If it turns out to be too high, I’ll investigate direct access to the device locally since, wherever possible, I keep the home automation traffic inside my network.

Other than Alexa, of course, which is sending everything I say to the NSA anyway.