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Fibaro RGB Presets via SmartThings (and Alexa!)

Catchy title, right? I’m really enjoying working with the Fibaro kit. Based on their recent tweet it seems the feeling is mutual.

Control of the colours via the smartphone app is all very well, but what I really wanted to do is get Alexa control of colour changing and presets. I’ve worked out a simple way to get this working – it’s not ideal, but it does work.

Here’s the plan:

  • Create a SmartThings SmartApp which can tell a Fibaro device to activate a preset.
  • Create a Simulated Switch device in SmartThings that when pressed activates the SmartApp.
  • Name the devices so we can include them in Alexa.

The SmartApp is based on some code I found on the forums, edited to add more of the presets. These are the presets hard-coded into the Fibaro RGBW Device Handler, so as long as you use the same names it’ll work.

Next, a Simulated Switch. This gets done in the SmartThings web interface:

Hit New Device, and populate the details – choosing Simulated Switch for the type:

With the SmartApp installed and this switch created, we can tie them together in the mobile app by hitting Add a SmartApp->My Apps under Automation->SmartApps and choosing Fibaro pattern and colour trigger:

Select the switch you just created, the target device and the pattern you want to activate:

And we’re done! In this example if you have Alexa run discovery you’ll then be able to say

Alexa, turn on fader.

And the Fibaro will run the deepfade preset!