Fibaro RGB Presets via SmartThings (and Alexa!)

Catchy title, right? I’m really enjoying working with the Fibaro kit. Based on their recent tweet it seems the feeling is mutual.

Control of the colours via the smartphone app is all very well, but what I really wanted to do is get Alexa control of colour changing and presets. I’ve worked out a simple way to get this working – it’s not ideal, but it does work.

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Home Automation Today

After my summary post on the various systems I have in the house – and their varying levels of complexiy – Alex posted this response:

Alex Shearer on Facebook

Alex raises a good point. Not that he’s a simpleton, that seems a little unfair, but that it would be useful to understand where to start today. Would I make the same technology choices based on the kit that is available to buy right now – three years after I started? Continue reading