ZoneMinder Control Script for Foscam FI8918W

Update 27/02/2011: Added IR control and password passthrough.
I’ve recently put together a CCTV solution using a few Foscam FI8918W cameras and the excellent ZoneMinder software. This is all running on a CentOS 5.5 virtual machine under Hyper-V (more on this setup another time). The Foscam cameras have pan, tilt and the ability to set and move to preset locations. Continue reading

Exchange 2010 SP1 breaks pre-SP1 Transport Agents

I’d encountered a few anomalies with the Exchange 2010 server over the last few weeks, so took the opportunity yesterday to upgrade it to SP1 and the latest Update Rollup. This revealed an annoying feature of – or bug in – Microsoft’s code that loads Transport Agents causing my RegExCatchAll Agent to crash. I also learned something I didn’t know about Powershell.
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Java Update 13 breaks Cisco SDM 2.5

Another post in a series designed to help Future-Howard work out why things have broken.

If you install Java 6 Update 13 and then try and log into Cisco SDM 2.5 it will fail. The SDM console will not load.

I found I had to go back to Java 6 Update 6 (available at the Java archive page, or direct download.).

With that the Cisco SDM started working again. I’ve not found anything about this on the Cisco site.

Clearing a Cisco Router's Dynamic NAT Table

I keep needing to do this – so once again to help my future self:

When you have a number of public IPs being translated through a router to an internal address space, a router’s dynamic translation can get full. I’ve got an 877W, and it seems that a combination of running BitTorrent and a CounterStrike: Source server can quickly cripple the router (even with a memory upgrade!). When it gets too full you end up getting timeouts on other connections, usually this is most obvious by my browser failing to return pages.

To clear the dynamic translation table before timeout occurs log in to the router via ssh (or telnet) and in enable mode, type:

clear ip nat translation *

That seems to do the trick on my network anyway.