RegExCatchAll Transport Agent for Exchange 2007/2010

For a number of years now I have been doing two things with email:

1) I run my own Exchange ServerExchange 2010 LogoIt provides ActiveSync, Outlook Web Access, and Outlook Anywhere for my company’s email domains and my personal domain.

2) I provide email addresses at for family members (and a few people who just happen to share the family name).
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Three Handy Sites

Three handy sites for people who need to manage the volume of email coming in.

Don’t want to be included on the latest “funny” forward, let your correspondent down gently with

Or do you have a contact who doesn’t know how to use BCC and reveals your email address to everybody else they’re sending the message to?  (As one of Lindsay’s contacts did this weekend.)  Send them a link to for a quick lesson in email etiquette.

And finally, if you’re getting swamped with the amount of email you have to reply to, why not instigate a five sentences rule to speed things up a bit.  See for more information.

We're beyond baby steps now…

The wizards (nay, geniuses) over at the Max OS X Internals Blog have developed what they’re calling BAMBIOS – software that allows legacy booting on Intel-based Macs. From their post:

For example, a regular (that is, non-EFI) version of Linux can be readily booted using this software. […] Linux works fine, and we have made good progress with booting an unmodified Windows XP installation.

They have a mini presentation which explains a little about what they’re doing, but basically they’re leveraging the Bochs BIOS as a way to give Windows XP (or any other “legacy” X86 OS) something to talk to. Oh – and you just know that Apple love being able to refer to Windows as legacy! I’ll save the rant about the EFI-less Vista release for another time…

Anyway, this is fantastic news, and a huge step towards the dual booting Holy Grail a lot of us early-adopters have been seeking. – are you ready to pay out?

Update: It appears that they’re not the only team to have made good progress. This guy has got XP booting – he says by patching the NT bootloader/kernel.  That sounds like a less elegant solution than building a fake BIOS, but since neither group has made their solution available yet it remains to be seen how easy either of them is for the rest of us to achieve.