Life Changing Technology

In conversation over the Christmas break, I was reflecting on how some of the technology I have in the house is – in a small, but real sense – life changing.

Not life changing as in nano-bots, self-driving cars or medical breakthroughs, but smaller more day-to-day technologies that insinuate themselves into your life and genuinely change how you live. Continue reading

ZX Spectrum nostalgia

I can’t remember when I first played with a ZX Spectrum.  I know I must have come to the party relatively late since I was only 4 when it was released, unlike Chris who was old enough to have one at launch.  This weekend he rescued one from his mum’s rubbish bin, complete in the polystyrene box it originally came in and with mint condition manuals.  It even has the guarantee certificate, an unopened demo cassette and the 1982 Edition of the Sinclair Software Catalogue! Continue reading

The Almost Complete Life on Mars Soundtrack (Series 1)

Life on Mars has just started again on the BBC – I’ve not got round to seeing the new episode yet (Sky+ has it stored away safely for me) but it seems the new series has provoked renewed interest in my previous post about the excellent soundtrack the first series had. It looks like the BBC have taken down the page I referenced to get the music information, so for the benefit of the many people who have asked for it, here’s The Almost Complete Life on Mars Soundtrack (Series 1). I expect I shall get together the Series 2 music once it’s complete… Continue reading

Jaffa! Kree!

Jaffa Cake!

Bonus geek points to anyone who finds this funny.