Stylish Patent Diagram Prints

These prints look genuinely great. Carefully chosen and laid out prints of notable patent diagrams. I’ve ordered an Atari one since the 2600 console and related devices are largely responsible for my fascination with technology. A fascination that started in the early 80s, and hasn’t quit yet.

OpenReach fail.

I ranted a little on Twitter about OpenReach and their inability to connect a second line, a line I ordered four months ago. To be clear: I have no problem with the BT engineers – they’ve all been knowledgeable, polite and just as frustrated by the whole thing as I am. It is the admin they swim in that lets the whole thing down…

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Fibaro RGB Presets via SmartThings (and Alexa!)

Catchy title, right? I’m really enjoying working with the Fibaro kit. Based on their recent tweet it seems the feeling is mutual.

Control of the colours via the smartphone app is all very well, but what I really wanted to do is get Alexa control of colour changing and presets. I’ve worked out a simple way to get this working – it’s not ideal, but it does work.

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