Extracting Zip from Embedded Resource with Streams

I recently needed to extract files from a password protected zip that was a resource in a .NET application, without writing the zip file itself or the extracted files to the disk. The code fragment below is part of a method which gets the zip file from the resource as a stream, then uses the excellent DotNetZip library to open the stream and extract a specific compressed file to another stream for further processing.
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RegExCatchAll Transport Agent for Exchange 2007/2010

For a number of years now I have been doing two things with email:

1) I run my own Exchange ServerExchange 2010 LogoIt provides ActiveSync, Outlook Web Access, and Outlook Anywhere for my company’s email domains and my personal durdle.com domain.

2) I provide email addresses at durdle.com for family members (and a few people who just happen to share the family name).
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