“Alexa, where are the cats?”

As is well documented, I have a significant number of feline overlords who thanks to multiple Sure Petcare cat flaps can come and go as they please. The new Connected range of cat flaps comes with a web site, iOS app (a thin skin over the same web site) and is built using what appears to be a pretty solid RESTful API. A few months ago I spent a bit of time monitoring the web app to reverse engineer bits of the API, and then built an Alexa skill so that I could ask my house where all the cats are.

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Z-Wave Greenwave PowerNodes with SmartThings

Back to home automation. As I mentioned in my last post on this subject the LightwaveRF devices are cheap and mostly pretty good. Their downside is that any controller sending an “on” command gets no status back from the device. This means if the command fails to send due to local interference the device will stay off even though the controller will think the device is on. Continue reading