USW Pro 24 PoE Teardown

The fans in Ubiquiti’s USW-Pro-24-POE (400W) are pretty quiet - at least under the load I put on the switch - but I was curious to see how many it had, and what spec. So I took the switch apart. While in there, I took some photos of the interior.

There are just two fans, they’re 12V 40mm models from Delta Electronics, part number: EFB0412VHD. They spin fast - 9000 RPM, making 32.5 dB(A) of noise (35.5 for both of them) and generating airflow of 17.16 m3/h (10.10 CFM). Looking at Noctua - my go to for quiet fan replacements - their 40x40x20 fans max out at 9.4 m3/h (5.53 CFM) just over half the airflow, and at 14.9 db(A) (17.9 for two), about half the noise.

While that reduction in noise would be nice to have, it’s not enough of a difference to risk the significant lack of cooling that drop in airflow might lead to, so the stock fans can stay for now.

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