.svn/tmp directory may be missing or corrupt

For future-Howard (and team), how to fix the error from SVN “your .svn/tmp directory may be missing or corrupt”.

for /R /D %i in (.svn) do if exist "%i" mkdir "%i/tmp"

Open CMD, cd to the SVN directory then run the above command. It will place a new tmp directory inside each .svn directory.

After you run the command, an svn cleanup should succeed.

Enable VT on Sony Vaio Z11

Some time ago I posted at length about Sony’s decision to disable the Virtualization Technology features of the Intel chips in their high-end laptops, namely my Vaio Z11.

VT enabled Well thanks to the sterling efforts of one man and his EFI hacking skills, we now have a solution as this image demonstrates. The image on the left shows the result of the VMWare Virtualization Technology test CD confirming that VT is now enabled on my Vaio Z11.

I’ve mirrored his code and instructions here in case his site disappears, read more after the jump…

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