Email Suffix Matching Catch All on Office 365

Long time readers will know that over the years I’ve moved email providers several times, starting out with POP3 mailboxes on Gradwell, moving some of my domain’s users to Google with forwarders, and for a long period running my own Microsoft Exchange server. On each platform I’ve made use of email suffix matching. I’ll quote from my earlier post about that: Continue reading

ZoneMinder Control Script for Foscam FI8918W

Update 27/02/2011: Added IR control and password passthrough.
I’ve recently put together a CCTV solution using a few Foscam FI8918W cameras and the excellent ZoneMinder software. This is all running on a CentOS 5.5 virtual machine under Hyper-V (more on this setup another time). The Foscam cameras have pan, tilt and the ability to set and move to preset locations. Continue reading

Exchange 2010 SP1 breaks pre-SP1 Transport Agents

I’d encountered a few anomalies with the Exchange 2010 server over the last few weeks, so took the opportunity yesterday to upgrade it to SP1 and the latest Update Rollup. This revealed an annoying feature of – or bug in – Microsoft’s code that loads Transport Agents causing my RegExCatchAll Agent to crash. I also learned something I didn’t know about Powershell.
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